Random photos in Cochi, Kerala, India

I went for a walk today. Most of there pictures are typical street scenes and sights, such as they are. Most of this is on Bazaar Street, Spice Street and in the old Jewish section. First, though, is a picture of Appu, the guy who has the internet business where I usually do this and email. He was minding another tourist’s kid while she was on the net.


Here’s the synagogue. There aren’t many Jews left here, but this place is a registered historical monument, so it will remain and kept from crumbling.


Here’s a Catholic church, one of many here, and some of the parish school kids.



Here’s a typical row of businesses.


A lot of every Indian town is crumbling, but still used. Here is a guy who just got water from the well behind him.


Here’ a guy unloading a truck.


This is not a homeless guy. “Respectable” people nap wherever they want during the heat of the afternoon.This is not a homeless guy. “Respectable” people nap wherever they want during the heat of the afternoon.


Always there are the kids. If you walk down the street anywhere, you have a good chance of a gaggle of kids running up to have you take a photo of them. It’s great to have a digital camera. They have instant gratification of seeing themselves, and you can delete what you don’t want. I’ve deleted hundreds of kid pics after showing them.


Here’s a canal. Duh.


Here’s just an artsy picture.


Here’s one of the more modest art galleries. Cochi has dozens of galleries. Little one’s like this are some artist or two’s shot at living their dream, living by their art.


Here is the lane behind my hotel. On the left is the Kashi Arts Cafe, one of my usual digs here.


Finally, a typical scene in Cochi, tourist fresh of the ferry from Ernaculam, at the jetty, talking with a rickshaw driver about where they might find a room.



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