Time to move on

It’s time to move on. I’ve relaxed, seen what there is to see, and made a friend. If I stayed on, it would be to learn something, take a class, sit, work in a clinic, something. But I think it’s time to go. Rajastan is calling. Getting from here to Jaipur directly is a little hard to do, but i’m trying. It’s hard to do anything around here over the weekend. My German friend, Beatrix, decided to stay on for a while, and we’ve decided to go to Jaipur together. We’ll know tomorrow the best way. Jeez, she wants to take a government bus for 10 hours to Delhi. that’s one step up from a chicken bus. I-I-I dunno. There may be seats on the direct train, but we won’t know till the morning. Anyway, we’re out of here no later than Tuesday.

This is Beatrix. No, we’re not doing anything.

Like I said, I’m not that busy around here anymore. Mostly I’m just walking around, looking at views from here and there, and reading. I’ve got a book on Hindu mythology. The stories from the Hindu classics are quite entertaining. What vivid imaginations people have. The ways they describe expanse, time and grandeur paint quite a picture of their image of the universe.

I may write again tomorrow. if not, I’ll write from Jaipur.


Monastery in McLeod Ganj.

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