Going to California Sept 6-Oct 18

It’s been awhile, again. I’ve finished my radiation and all went well. I barely had any side effects and feel normal except for the hormonal changes due to the androgen deprivation injections. I’m pretty used to them now. No big deal.

I’m going to celebrate life by going to N. California with Myung from Sept 16-Oct 18. We’ll be there together till Sept 11. Then Myung is going to Korea till Sept 26. When she gets back, we’re going on a little road trip up the coast for a while. We’ll be doing some shopping for things that cost a fortune in Ecuador, taking care of some business, and visiting people during the rest of the time we’re here. While she’s in Korea, I don’t think I’ll be too busy. I’m really looking forward to getting out of Dodge.

It’s not like we haven’t had the time to get out of town. We’ve just been content to stay around here. As I’ve said many times, we’re a little jaded, having seen so much of the world, and got so burned out traveling all those years that we’re fine being homebodies.

Myung is a little busy two to four days a week. She’s been selling Korean food by advertising once a week on the local internet bulletin board for gringos, GringoPost. Her business is actually kind of taking off. Her prices are lower and the quality is better than from the Asian restaurants in Cuenca. Word is spreading fast. Soon, she’s going to have to get a bigger kitchen and/or some help besides what little I’m qualified to do.

Unless you want to look at pictures of sushi and the dog, I find only two pics taken in the last two months. One is up a street downtown toward the domes of the cathedral. the other is of the domes, which Myung took one day from a usually closed courtyard beside the cathedral was open.



I’m going to fire this off. We’ll see some of you when we get to California.

Be well, all of you.



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