It’s been a while

Not a lot going on around here, but here’s the news.

I’m about halfway through my 39 radiation treatments. So far, so good. I’m starting to have some minor side effects, but it’s fine. The side effects are supposed to start some time around now. I’m thinking every day there’s nothing is a gift. I’d report more if there was something to report, but there isn’t.

I’m not doing much. Myung has just started this week trying to sell kimbap and California rolls.


One of her first customers used to go to Korea frequently on business. He wants some kimchi and a couple of other Korean specialties which are unavailable here, so maybe Myung will make that for him and, presumably, others. Maybe. This just started this week, so who knows what will happen.

Other than that, there’s nothing new going on right now. I decided to reward myself for going through this treatment with a trip to the States. We’ll go up on Sept 5. The  next weekend, Myung will go to Korea to visit her family and friends for a couple of weeks while I stay in California. Then the plan is too drive round and be tourists for about three weeks, then return home on October 18.

Here is where I normally use photos to give me something to talk about. Would you  believe I only have photos of kimbap and the dog?. Altogether, there are maybe a dozen photos since the post before last. Well, like I said, there isn’t a lot going on.

Gotta put something…   Here’s Luna. It’s her or the kimbap.



Be well, all of you.

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