I’ve gotten a couple of “Wazzup?” emails. It’s been a while, so here’s wazzup.

Not much. No new news about my prostate cancer. I started the androgen deprivation therapy and am told radiation will start around the end of the month or early May. The ADT ain’t nothin’, except I sort of get hot flashes and lost my sex drive, which was to be expected. That’s about it on that.

Are we getting to the age where health talk is wazzup? Yuk. No pictures, unless sonograms and CT scans count, and I’m not going to try to post those.

As usual, I’m not that busy. I’m glad baseball season has begun. I’m watching games. Myung and I still walk all over town. The last few days there has been a fair at several locations in the center and along the river, which gives us a reason to walk, other than wandering. It’s much like the 3 de Noviembre fair last fall. This one is the 12 de AbrilĀ feria, commemorating Cuenca’s founding in 1557.

Most of what goes on is vendors selling stuff. The government promotes it as a way to generate traffic for the artisans. There are lots of vendors selling factory stuff, too. Some of it is Chinese total rubbish. There’s food, too. Some is local fare. There’s a little of everything. Myung sold sushi and kimbap at the 3 de Noviembre fair. You saw those pics. Here are a few of one of the parades.







For sure, not everything is traditional. This was a booming electronic rock music show under the Broken Bridge.


Maybe you remember, a friend of my friend, Mary, visited with us in Antigua a couple of years ago. Her name’s Susan. She still travels the world several months of the year, looking for artisan stuff to sell back in the Bay Area. She came to Cuenca for a while and we hung out for several days. It was very nice to have her around.


Unfortunately, artisan stuff around Cuenca isn’t much. The best city for that is Otovalo, which is back up north near Cotacachi. A lot of the crafts that are here are from Otovalo, in fact, so Susan was a little disappointed in that regard. We tried to find stuff in nearby Gualaceo, Chordeleg and Paute. Despite them being mentioned in the guides as places where crafts can be bought, there was virtually nothing doin’. Oh well.

There was some kind of event in either Chordeleg or Gualaceo, I forget. A couple of these pictures are Susan’s.

FullSizeRender (2)


This one man band was in Paute.


I said I wasn’t that busy. Myung’s pretty active though. She’s got a garden out front. She’s got four or five kinds of lettuce, beets, kale, radishes, spinach, several herbs and I’m forgetting something.


Our eating experience is better than ever.

I think that’s going to do it for now. I’ll be in touch. Be well, all of you.









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