Peguche, Ecuador

I messed up. I have this draft I forgot to post. Meanwhile, we have been to and left Quito. I’m cranking out the Quito post now.


Oh, we went one more place around Cotacachi before heading for Quito, Peguche. It’s photoworthy, so here are the pics. Peguche itself is a pleasant little town, but the attraction is a nearby wooded gorge. There’s a waterfall, and above that is Lake San Pedro. There are lots of trails high and low from below to above the falls where the lake is.

There are a couple of thermal baths, but they are barely not cold.



The river above the falls goes like this for a few kilometers.







Then you get to the lake. Lake San Pedro is nothing to write hime about, but it’ll pass for a destination for the walk up the river.




I suppose, since it’a a couple of days before Christmas, a word or two about Christmas in Cotacachi would be appropriate. We aren’t Christmassy, but Ecuadorans are. Again, it’s nice to be in a place where Christmas isn’t so commercialized as in the States. Around here, more people are going to church than usual. That’s saying something because most Ecuadorans are very Catholic, with some evangelicals. There’s a big creche in the park. I hate to say this, but it looks like someone stole the baby Jesus. There are lots of nightly fireworks. And every night there is a procession or two. So far, most of them have featured children dressed up as angels and the traditional manger characters.






As I wrote, this is now way late. Sorry. I hope you all had a good holiday season.

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