I’ve added a new link, “Chinese television in English, including good travelogues”. This is 95% of what I watch, unless you include programming in Chinese that Myung watches and I ask her what is going on. Often the travelogues have all the pictures and commentary I don’t have on my blog. IThat site is easy to navigate. So if you have an interest in more about Chongqing, you can watch a show on that. You can click on a province and a list of programs about places in that province will appear for you to click on. Then it’s like watching YouTube. All you need is earphones. I like Neew Frontiers. There is much history in those shjows. A word of warning, the material on Tibet may make you wince. Just whistle through your teeth and spit. Even that is MOST interesting.
Just a note: I can’t watch YouTube. It’s blocked in China because the current protests by Tibetans about the 50th anniversary of their “immancipation” are being posted there. Chinese are told Tibetans are happy with Chinese rule, when the truth is the Tibetans are quite mixed on the subject. It is very true that China has increased the standard of living there enormously, but the official line that China “peacefully liberated Tibet from serfdom under the Dalai Lama clique” will likely not not be accepted, at least until living memory no longer recalls the takeover and Cultural Revolution that immediately followed. My opinion is that it was like our takeover of North America from the backward and defenseless native people there. The difference is our people knows what we did and we’ve moved on. The Chinese leadership has been unable to publicly discuss the failings of their early leaders, despite how much better the current leader are now. “That was then, this is now” is uncomfortable for them still. One day, maybe….

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