Not going to Myanmar, afterall

Myanmar just fell out of the picture. They have a scam where one travel agent in Kunming is authorized to take foreigners over the border. We were told by another woman in the consulate this was no long so, but today the guy there in person said it’s still so. So we contacted that agent. They want $200 just to escort us overthe border. It’s a racket. Myung flat refused to be part of it, and I don’t blame her. Myanmar is run by the pettiest crooks in the world, maybe. Fuck them. We’re staying here. Wednesday, we are going to Shenzhen. Myung wanted to visit with her friend anyway, which she couldn’t do whenwe were there before because he was out of town. My visa extension is up on Saturday, so I’m going to Hong Kong for a brand new one. Probably I’l go to Macao ( a half our ferry ride from Hong Kong) on Saturday and Hong Kong on Sunday. I can then open up the Chinese consulate on Monday morning and have my visa on Tuesday. then we’ll go north to as yet undecided destinations.

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