San Miguel de Allende, nature preserve

There’s a really nice botanical garden/nature preserve on the edge of town. I went there yesterday and it was really very nice. It covers about four square miles and I spent about 3 hours walking around there. Let’s go for a walk.




DSCF2322It gets hot there, but there are many cute places in the shade to sit.


There are ruins of an 18th century hacienda. I felt like being Joe Photographer. Didn’t really work out, but you can picture the place.





This park is on the edge of town. Here’s a shot of town from behind the ruins.


Here are the remains of a 16th century waterwheel and what’s left of the adjacent building.


Below the reservoir is a canyon with a green pond in the bottom.

DSCF2325Nearing the end, you come around the side of the high ground and get another view of San Miguel.


You had to be there, I guess.

I’m not that busy here, so I thought I’d just post these. Why not? I’m leaving for nearby Guanajuato in a couple of days. I’ll post something more about my time in San Miguel de Allende before I go or as soon as I get to Guanajuato. Until then…

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