Back in India

Hi y’all

After returning to California for two months to take care of some business and see my family and friends, I’m back in India. I’ll post some pictures when I am in a place with high speed connection. Currently, I am in North Goa, at the most northerly and low-keyed tourist beach village, Arambol. I arrived in Mumbai on May 6, and met up with my German friend from Dharamsala, Beatrice. You may remember my mentioning her and posting a picture back in October. We kept up via email while she was back in Germany, and planned to meet up this month. She’s going on a two and a half month horse trek in the Himalayas of Ladakh next month. I’m going to the mountainous areas of Northern India and Nepal. then maybe Tibet. I’d like to stay out of the monsoons, if I can. They’ll start here in South India in two or three weeks.

I know inquiring minds want to know… Yes, Beatrice and I are, you might say (or might not, if you were to be watching it), romantically involved. I’m sure I’ll write about that. So far it’s lasted 12 days, anyway. Woo hoo! I’ll post another picture when I can.

My initial thoughts about being back in India… Well, there are a lot. One thing is that right now I’m with someone, and that is much different than almost all of my travels for the last almost 20 years. Obviously, that is completely different. And we’re being romantic, so that’s a lot different than just having a travelling companion. As for being back in India, since we are in Goa, it could be said that we’re not in “real India”. Beatrice needed downtime after working hard. She also has a lot of baggage for her horse trek. So we decided to head for this quiet beach resort where she could relax. I don’t care what we do. Finally, near the end of my last time over here, I was able to internalize that I am not in a hurry, that there is nothin I have to do. This place is as good as the next, and I’ll be in “real India” soon enough, when Beatrice heads out.

I’m curious. I’d like to know who is reading this. If you read this, could you send an email or write a comment on this site?

Tomorrow, I think I’ll take a scooter or motorbike to Calangute, about 20 km away. I need to go to an ATM. There will be high speed internet there. I’ll write again and post a few pictures.

I hope all has been well with you all and, again, I hope to hear from you.


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